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For 2018 we are taking a totally new approach to ensuring that our clients are able to take, and hopefully pass, the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH - formerly the NCPLH).
Rather than providing 'fixed' course dates, we will make arrangements to suit YOUR individual needs. Phone 01206 501298, or e-mail to make arrangements.

There has been NO increase in our fees since 2013, we charge £90.00 for the exam alone, which in most cases will be taken at you own premises (provided you have a good Wi-fi connection), this fee will include:

  • pre-supply of an appropriate workbook and specimen questions;
  • up to one hour of tuition discussion in advance of taking of the exam;
  • the exam, taken on computer with the result known immediately all participants have finished;
  • one re-sit per person if the exam is not passed first time;
  • delivery of the certificate (if awarded);
  • ongoing support by telephone if licensing issues arise.

    As an alternative we can deliver a one day course lasting about 5 hours followed by the exam if a group of four or more people require that. If the course is held at your premises then the cost will be negotiated, if we need to book a premises for the course (including appropriate refreshments during the day) then the cost will be £160.00 per person.
    If we need to book a premises for an exam then the cost of that booking will be passed on.

    There is NO VAT charged, and NO hidden extra's, unless we need to go outside the Colchester postcode area to deliver a course or manage an exam when we will ask for a contribution towards travelling costs.
    We DO NOT demand that you commit with us to ANY other aspect of your future in the licensed trade (we undertsand that some others have been known to persuade their clients to sign up for all sorts of things!)

    To obtain a Personal Licence to sell alcohol, you first must pass the Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH) exam (it stopped being called the NCPLH several years ago).
    Once issued a Personal Licence lasts for ever, unless it is taken from you by a court, or you choose to surrender it. ANY personal Licenses issued during the first years of the Licensing Act 2003 that have an expiry date on them can now be considered to be valid for ever and that expiry date ignorred (this is as a result of the passing of the Deregulation Act 2015 the relevant sections of which came into force on 1 April 2015).

    When you take your exam with us, your results are known within a few minutes of the last person finishing.

    If you come to our venue to take a course, we include refreshments on the course day and car parking is free.
    The certificate awarded by BIIAB, is the main document you will need to get your Personal Licence.

    As soon as we have made the arrangements, agreed a date and payment has been made, we will send you a workbook to study along with a set of specimen questions.
    Please do NOT rely on specimen questions available on the Internet as these are often out of date. We provide up to date specimen questions on paper for you to go over.

    It is important that ALL Personal and Premises Licence holders are aware of the extended number of Mandatory Conditions which have been added to Premises Licences by Government in the past two or three years. To see these on an A4 (printable) page, please click here.

    "Cleared up a lot of information that in the book was difficult to understand"
    “Lovely people”
    (from course reviews on 5 February 2015).

    "Very well taught and easy to follow. Relaxed atmosphere"
    "Learned what I needed to pass"
    (from course reviews on 15 October 2015).

    "A very interesting and informative day"
    "very informative course, worthwhile"
    (from course reviews on 28 January 2016)

  • Payment can be by BACS (our preferred method), cheque or cash. We can only take card payments through 'PayPal'.

    Your one off payment covers everything.

    Which ever option from those shown below you choose, we provide in advance a workbook provided by BIIAB and a specimen exam paper. Our objective is to make sure that our customers are able to take and pass the exam provided by BIIAB, in the way which suits them best:

  • without attending a training course we provide training materials and up to one hours tuition before you, take the exam on our computer at your own premises. For this option you must be able to ensure that there is a STRONG Wi-Fi signal and that you are able to provide a suitable space which is appropriate for the taking of an exam. The results are known soon after as the exam is finished.

  • four or more people attend the one day course at a training centre on a date we are able to negotiate with you. The exam is taken at the end of the course. The exam is taken taken on our computers and the results are known soon after the last person has finished. If you prefer to take the exam on paper, we need to know that a week in advance of the course day in this case, result will normally known on the next working day. The cost of the venue hire and appropriate refreshments is added to the course fee.

  • we attend your premises and run our course there for as many people as you assemble. This is only cost effective for both you and us if there are three or more people going to be taking the course and the exam. For this option you must be able to ensure that there is a STRONG Wi-Fi signal and that you are able to provide a suitable space which is appropriate for the taking of an exam. The results are known soon after as the exam is finished. We ask that you provide appropriate refreshments for this option.

    If you require any further information, please feel free to phone 01206 501298 when we will be pleased to discuss your needs with you.

    Page last updated 20 November 2017

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